Saturday, 15 August 2015

Split Top..


So I've just returned from Berlin, this outfit took me through from day to night in one of the coolest cities in Europe. From afternoons spent cycling along the river Spree to the early hours in the vibrant bars of Kreuzberg, this split front top  looked incredible blowing in the summer breeze. I absolutely adore awkward length and maxi tops teamed with a good pair of Levi shorts. Finishing off with some chunky sandals and a felt fedora and I'm ready to do some exploring.  

Shop the look
Top (Boohoo) | Vintage Levi Shorts | Camel Fedora (ASOS) | La Pliage backpack (Longchamp) | Gladiator Sandals (Office - out of stock).

Friday, 13 June 2014

Pure Quilts

Evolving from the already popular Sports Luxe trends around this year, for 2015 pro sports wear is going to be big. I really love the pure tones of this simplified and architectural trend and I am already a huge fan of quilting and especially neoprene, with the structure and interesting textures I can't wait to full my wardrobe in the upcoming seasons. Neoprene, nylon and jersey will be huge players in this particular trend creating clean lines and no fuss outfits.

Pure Quilts
Pure Quilts 

Beyond even my imagination Casely-Hayford teamed up with leather specialists H by Harris produced this quilted luxury leather skateboard, perfect for the quilting pro sports theme for 2015, an interesting take on the trend and not your everyday board. 

Casely-Hayford x H by Harris Quilted Leather Skateboard 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Oh So Vintage...

Exams are finally over and I'm back!! Been away for far too long but I was lost in a world of revision, notes and cue cards. Now finished for summer I have donned my summer essentials preparing for an English summer. As you can see this post is very vintage themed, the majority of items coming from those hipster sanctuaries, who doesn't love a good vintage bargain thought!?

Everyone in the world needs to get their hands on a pair of Mom jeans, quickly sweeping through the nation they are on track to smother the skinny jean out of existence... okay maybe a slight exaggeration but you get my gist, they're great okay?  Weather you go for the simple fit Topshop Mom Jean or get adventurous and spend hours in a vintage store, that strangely resembles my Grandma's loft (smells and all), as I did they are the best new cut. Nipping you in at the waist but loose and light down the leg they are so stylish and looks amazing on anyone.

Vintage Levi 501s (Mom jeans)
Vintage Leather Backpack
Juju Jellies
Topshop Orange Cami
Urban Outfitters Batwing Cardigan
Teaming them with my cute Juju Babes, adds a little height and glitz, a little orange cami keeping it bright for summer and then a little cardigan. A little backpack completes the look this gorgeous tattered vintage number just round out the whole vintage vibe and is quite honestly beautifully aged the leather is so worn and crumpled it looks amazing!

Friday, 2 May 2014

I'm So Fancy

Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed...that's all I can say about this incredible summer skirt from Choies. I'm ashamed to say I have only just discovered Choies and wow I can't keep off  it. This skirt was my first  (of many) purchase and it's absolutely beautiful, so feminine and unusual. Just got to find an occasion to wear it now, it's not the most inconspicuous item in my closet.

Green Midi Skirt | Choies
Black Crop Tee | Forever 21
Gold Block Heels | ASOS
Gold Beaded Necklace | H&M
I've teamed it with these really cute little gold block heels, they're so dainty they ever make my horrendous feet look cute. Then this little black crop tee just completes the look. Enjoy!
My house mate came home while I was taking pictures, she was in her placement get up and wanted to compare her extremely sexy look to my current one, so here's what she wears to physio placement everyday, who do you think wins?

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Liebster Award

With surprise and glee I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the fabulous fashionista Gabriella Morales from RellaMorales. After a sneaky bit of research I've been introduced to this really lovely way of giving new bloggers a bit of a boost, so thank you very much!

The Rules:
Post the award on your blog
Thank the blogger who nominated you
Answer 11 questions the blogger has asked
List 11 facts about yourself
Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer
Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers

Bloggers Questions

1. What's your favourite item of clothing?

It has to be oversized leather jacket, it's absolutely gorgeous and I'm rarely seen without it, not to mention that it was a great sale steal from Topshop. But a new item of mine is a big neon green skirt form Choies that I'm completely obsessed with.

2. What's your favourite make-up range, and why?
Well I adore Illamasqua, everything down to their presentation is absolutely gorgeous (but can rarely afford it) my regular and probably favourite it Mac. I use their mineral foundation and blusher on a daily basis, and the best treat I can give myself is a 

3. Favourite place to shop at?
I would definitely say Urban Outfitters, there is nothing in that shop I wouldn't buy. 

4. Is there a make-up or clothing brand you can't stand?
Hollister; overpriced, can't see, so bland. Just don't even get me started. 

5. What's your favourite trend?
I adore neon and bright colours, especially in summer, also loving everything metallic. But everything in moderation girls, there's a thin line between a sprinkle of neon and Big Fat Gypsy Wedding zone.

6. Who inspires you the most?
Tough one, so cheesy but anyone of my familia, being the baby of the clan I look up to all of them and they all inspire me to aim high. 

7. What's your dream vacation?
Hmm it would be a big american road trip, go every where and do everything. I think it's the one country I could laze on the beach and get a tan, and be able to ski later in the year.

8. Would you rather wear lipgloss, or lipstick?
Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick. Sticky lips, no no. 

9. What is your favourite piece of jewellery?
I would probably say my big chunky Micheal Kors watch, it was a present from my boyfriend and I never take it off. 

10. What is your favourite film?
There's so many I can't really single one out, it would be a photo finish between any of the Monty Pithon's Holy Grail, Baz Lurman's Romeo and Juliet  and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. 

11. Gold or silver?

11 Facts:
1. I'm studying Psychology at Liverpool University
2. I would always skiing over a beach holiday any day
3. Moroccan mint tea is my favourite 
4. I'll class myself as a real adult when I get my first ever dog (going to be called Gatsby).
5. I'm utterly obsessed with Bruce Springsteen..sorry The Boss
6. Definitely a TV addict 
7. Horrendously clumsy
8. and horrendously messy
9. I'm a master chef, not to blow my own trumpet or anything. 
10. I LOVE peanut butter...mmmmm
11. I can't bare girls obsessed with's just a colour get over it. 

Questions For My Nominees: 
1. How would you describe your style?
2. What's your favourite book?
3. Flats or heels?
4. Black or bright?
5. What are you lusting after at the moment?
6. What's your favourite designer?
7. What's your favourite shop?
8. Where do you want to be in 10 years? 
9. Sun or Snow?
10. What's your favourite summer trend? 
11. What item or makeup could you not live without? 

My Nominees 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sun and Stripes

So I'm finally home for the Easter holidays and I am loving it, clean house, stocked fridge and a bed without springs clawing at my back. Thought I'd do a lovely shot in the garden with the Buxton sun showing off my parents new summer house.  I'm feeling this is rather a vintage look with the boots and the belt channeling yesteryear.
Maxi Skirt | eBay
White Cami | Vero Moda
Wayfarer Sunglasses | Ray-Bad
Chelsea Boots | Topshop Premium
I've chosen this lovely striped maxi skirt I found it on eBay and unfortunately it doesn't have a brand. Nevertheless it's really great for summer days and looks really striking, not just your regular maxi. I would probably wear this as more of an evening look rather than for day (not to mention it's waaay too warm for all these layers). Again my usual Topshop boots and leather jacket, they literally go with everything, or at least I make them just so I can wear both again. Also sporting some classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, they'll always be my go to sunglasses and I'll never stray far from tortoiseshell. Hope you like it. 

Friday, 11 April 2014

Stressed But Well Dressed: Haul

This is my mini haul this week, visited the Machester Zara store yesterday and goodness their spring/summer collection is utterly gorgeous, I could have taken the whole store home . But I just piked up a few item as I'm at home for Easter from uni I have a few extra pennies burning a hole in my pocket (how wonderful it is not to buy my own food). 

First of all I have my new Nike Roshes, these were primarily for running but I haven't been able to stop wearing them since they arrived! So comfy and they look amazing, I'm a real fan of Nike trainers like the Nike Free Runs too (boyfriends just got a pair..very jealous), just with some jeans and relaxed tee these trainers look real cool and great for summer. My second purchase was this Zara black and white midi dress, it's got a gorgeous scooped back and it's really form hugging but not a horrendous stretchy material that shows all those unwanted lumps and bumps. It looks really cute on and I will be posting some more looks soon which will feature this.  

My last purchase is this awesome Zara clutch bag, they don't have it on the website but I found it in the Manchester store (£19.99, can't post a link sorry), I am utterly obsessed with it. They have a couple of variations, mine is the white with "Stressed, but well dressed" in an embossed design on either side. They also have a yellow and a dark blue with different slogans on them, I love a good casual pouch clutch (strangely hard too find) but this one is just a little quirky take on it and I'm going to be using it a lot I'm sure.