Thursday, 5 June 2014

Oh So Vintage...

Exams are finally over and I'm back!! Been away for far too long but I was lost in a world of revision, notes and cue cards. Now finished for summer I have donned my summer essentials preparing for an English summer. As you can see this post is very vintage themed, the majority of items coming from those hipster sanctuaries, who doesn't love a good vintage bargain thought!?

Everyone in the world needs to get their hands on a pair of Mom jeans, quickly sweeping through the nation they are on track to smother the skinny jean out of existence... okay maybe a slight exaggeration but you get my gist, they're great okay?  Weather you go for the simple fit Topshop Mom Jean or get adventurous and spend hours in a vintage store, that strangely resembles my Grandma's loft (smells and all), as I did they are the best new cut. Nipping you in at the waist but loose and light down the leg they are so stylish and looks amazing on anyone.

Vintage Levi 501s (Mom jeans)
Vintage Leather Backpack
Juju Jellies
Topshop Orange Cami
Urban Outfitters Batwing Cardigan
Teaming them with my cute Juju Babes, adds a little height and glitz, a little orange cami keeping it bright for summer and then a little cardigan. A little backpack completes the look this gorgeous tattered vintage number just round out the whole vintage vibe and is quite honestly beautifully aged the leather is so worn and crumpled it looks amazing!

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